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Home Builders North Liberty

Home Builders North Liberty

The Arlington Ridge Neighborhood

We currently build homes in two different cities within the state of Iowa. As home builders in North Liberty, we are proud to be of assistance to individuals and families. This neighborhood is suitable for any demographic, however, families tend to be drawn to the neighborhood more so than single-family households. Within the neighborhood you will notice a variety of essentials and amenities within close proximity.

Individuals and families that choose this neighborhood are astounded at what the community offers. You will be welcomed in with open arms as if you are a family member instead of a "new" resident (per se). From this North Liberty neighborhood, you are between 15 - 20 minutes from downtown. This is great for those that either enjoy the scene, work in the downtown area, or both. Being so close to downtown also provides quick transportation options to necessary stores for grocery shopping necessities and more.

What can You Expect from the Area

In Arlington Ridge there are a variety of things that you can expect from the neighborhood. For starters, the neighborhood is fairly quiet for the most part. Individuals and families that enjoy finding solace in an area that is not "too loud" on a daily basis will love it here. The neighborhood is also pretty active with each other. Whether it is recreational sports or specific events, you can be sure that your neighbors will inform and/or invite you at your discretion.

Another key factor for the adults in the home is being so close to the main highways. If you are able to travel on I-80 or i-380 to and from work, you will find it easy to navigate on a daily basis. There are moments when the traffic on both highways can be a bit stuffed, however, you will experience more open roads than congested.

Local Elementary School

Families (or individuals looking to start a family) tend to gravitate towards Arlington Ridge to start their family life. For starter, the local Penn Elementary school is within minutes from the neighborhood. As home builders in North Liberty, we understand that this is a key piece of information that your family will be thrilled to know about.

Penn Elementary school has received great reviews from parents, students, and the school district overall. When you are considering the elementary school that your kid(s) will attend, just know that Penn is highly recommended. The Iowa City Community School District (the district Penn is under) is the 5th largest school within the state of Iowa. You will also notice as a parent that the faculty does an amazing job with keeping parents and the district up-to-date on new information. Many kids walk to and from school safely with the assistance of community helpers on a daily basis.

Walking Trails

We understand that many individuals (young kids and adults) are becoming more active when it comes to exercising. We are proud to say that there are two walking trails that you can embark on within the neighborhood. This is perfect for the working individual that may not have enough time after work to visit a gym for cardio. This is also great for families that want to exercise together as well in close proximity to home.

Taking advantage of the walking trails are good for two reasons. Firstly, it saves you the gas money it will take to attend your gym of choice. Secondly, if you are not looking to get a gym membership at all, this is a free alternative option for you to enjoy. Feel free to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery while you are working out within your own neighborhood.


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