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Custom Home Builders Iowa City

Custom Home Builders Iowa City

Custom Exterior Design

One of our specialties as custom home builders in Iowa City is custom exterior design. Building a new home is an exciting accomplishment for anyone to achieve. First impressions are considered important during meeting people correct? The same type of mindset can apply to your home as well. Every time you arrive home, you should want to look at the exterior and feel proud of your investment. When you decide to have guests over, the first part of your house they are going to see is your exterior.

Exterior customizations can include everything from your windows, your doors, your driveway, the roof, and walk paths.

Our professional team of custom home builders in Iowa city are experts in their craft. There is no task that they cannot achieve and every project is completed within a timely fashion. Applying a custom exterior design to your preferences will make you excited in a variety of ways. To see that your hard work paid off every day can definitely be a confidence booster. On days when you are relaxing with nothing to do, just sitting outside and seeing your home exterior is also a good thing.

Custom Interior Design

As custom home builders in Iowa City, we understand that you will spend a decent amount of time in your home on a regular basis. When you begin to build your home it is important to have a decent idea of what you would like as your interior. Within our portfolio, we have a variety of interior styles from our past homes. We suggest that during our initial consultation that you review our past custom interior designs and what appeals to you. If you find something that catches your attention, point it out to us and we will make appropriate notes for you.

Do you have a specific idea in mind already? Feel free to show us pictures of what you have in mind. Our team is completely open to new ideas and custom interior designs. At the end of the day, your vision is what we want to accomplish with your new home.

Unique Landscaping Options

When it comes to unique landscaping options, this is a fun and exiting part of building your new home. There are a variety of different ways you can implement your vision. One thing we have noticed become more common in our neighborhoods is individuals wanting to grow their own food and/or gardens. Items such as vegetables, food herbs, and flowers can be planted easily. The key is to make sure that you maintain them properly and you have enough room to do so.

If creating your own home garden is something you would like to do, inform us of your ideas during the designing phase. You can also choose to create a more leisure landscape (i.e. having enough room for hammocks outside). The exterior of your home is the first thing you and others will see. Be confident and happy with the design that you create. As your custom home builders in Iowa City, we want you to be excited about your new home.

Design Your Home to be Yours

At the end of the day, building your own home from scratch is an amazing accomplishment you should relish in. We take pride in being amazing custom home builders in Iowa City. When we create the homes that our clients fall in love with, we know that we have completed our job appropriately. Your home is essentially a representation of yourself. When you and others see your home, the first thoughts that should come to mind is a reminder of you.

When neighbors and guests view your home, what do you want them to think? Some advice that we share with all of our clients is this. Do not be afraid to voice your opinion on the design you want. This is your dream home that you are building and most importantly the money you have worked hard for to make this happen. Our team is comprised of amazing experts that is capable of completing unique and creative tasks.


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