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Land for Sale Iowa City

Land for Sale Iowa City

Why do People Buy Land Instead of Pre-Exisitng Homes?

A common question that we receive in our office is about land for sale in Iowa City. Some homeowners (especially first time homeowners) are unaware of the details that follow buying specific land. Individuals/families that decide to buy land first and the home second is because they are looking for a specific type of home. For example, if we have a 2,000 square feet lot open, but the house design that you want is 2,500 square feet in total, we will not be able to build that home.

If there is a specific house from our portfolio that you desire, we will cover all of the intricate details during our consultation meetings. In our core values, one of the most important elements is trust. We do not want to promise you one thing, get your hopes up, and tell you misleading information. If there is any unforeseen problems that arise during the building phase, we will inform you immediately and await your decision.

Is Buying Land the Right Decision for You?

When it comes to buying land for sale in Iowa City, you may be wondering if this is the right decision for you. There are a few things you should take into consideration when it comes to making this move. Are you financially prepared to pay for the specific amount of land you desire? Do you already have a model in mind that you absolutely love and want? Are you aware that due to you buying the land, it may take a few months to complete the entire home appropriately (which can also depend on weather conditions)?
When you are purchasing land, the most important factor is patience. When there is land for sale in Iowa City, they can be available for a few weeks or gone within the next day. We advise that if you are pretty set on a home model and a specific community/location that you check in with us frequently for up-to-date information.

How to Plan Financially for Buying Land

Once you are set in purchasing land for sale in Iowa City, now is the time we go into the details of planning your finances. At Arlington Development, we are open to assisting your with financing options that may be available to you. Key information that we will need to know is the current income amount per month and per year. We also need to receive an official copy of your credit score as well. If you know you have a sub-par credit score, do not worry.

It is understandable that many individuals may have fallen on hard times at one point financially. What we care about is seeing that you are actively improving your credit score. We pride ourselves on helping clients as much as we possibly can. When it comes to financial information, everything that we discussed is not disclosed to anyone else or any 3rd party company.

What do You do After Purchasing New Land for Sale in Iowa City?

Here comes the fun part of the entire process. Once you have purchased the land that you desire, now it is time to start planning ahead for the future, We suggest that you pay the remainder of the final cost of the land as soon as you possibly can (this is if you do not purchase it outright). When you talk to our staff, we will plan an appropriate payment schedule for you to go by. The last thing that you want to stand in between you and your brand new house is a delay due to a payment situation.

We will always make sure to stay in consistent contact with you. If for any reason we foresee a potential delay or have a question to ask you, we will await for your word. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone at your discretion.


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