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Land Development Iowa City

Land Development Iowa City

What to Pay Attention to with Land Development in Iowa City

Iowa City has a population of about 71,000+ residents. While this may not seem like a big number, it does not mean that the land development in Iowa City moves at a slow pace. As many tourists from around the world are starting to visit, we are seeing an interest in individuals and families move here permanently. When it comes to land development in Iowa City, here are a few factors you want to keep in mind.

As the population begins to grow consistently, this means that more houses are going to be built. If you are planning to move within the next year or two, it is of the utmost importance you have a good idea of where you want to stay. At Arlington Development, we have prospective and current clients inquiring us about new land development on a consistent basis. While we only serve to neighborhoods in Iowa City at the moment (Stone Bridge Estates, and Windsor West) that does not mean we are not open to expanding in the future.

How to Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time

When you want to prepare yourself ahead of time, paying attention to the market is key. You want to get a firm understanding on what the professional experts believe may happen now and within the near future.

For example, if you notice that the market is increasing between 2%-5% of the current value market, you can have a good idea of what you may be paying once you are ready.

Another important piece of information to know is having a general idea of the type of house you want and how much space. At Arlington Development, we show all of our clients (prospective and current) the portfolio of our homes. If you find at specific home model that speaks to your desires, then you can plan ahead of time for the lot size that you will need to build the house properly.

Understand that the Process takes Patience

The land development in Iowa City is not an overnight process, however, it is not an extremely lengthy process either. Once you get the basics of what you want and the potential neighborhood(s), the rest is all up to being patient. This will be the perfect time to make sure that you have a few options in mind. A common mistake that we see some clients have is only looking into one area/neighborhood. While it is understandable that you may have a specific choice in mind, you always want to plan for a backup option.

Our staff is always prepared to assist you with any inquires, questions, or concerns that you may have. When you contact us (via phone or e-mail) a customer service representative will respond to you in a timely fashion. 

Being Financially Prepared is Key

As stated earlier, land development in Iowa City is pretty consistent for the most part. Once you have the basics taken care of, this is the perfect time to start saving as much money as you possibly can. Where you designate your money is of course up to your discretion.

We advise all of our potential clients to improve their credit score first (if necessary). The second piece of advice is to plan for a down deposit. Typically the average is between 20%-40% of the final payment. If you want to pay more than the average, then by all means do so. The third piece of advice is saving for moving expenses. Whether you are moving from in-state or out-of-state, moving necessities can add up quicker than you expect.


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