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Custom House Builder Iowa City

Custom House Builder Iowa City

Is Iowa City the Perfect City for You?

When it comes to moving to Iowa City, are you moving from a new city/state or new community? We highly suggest that you become familiar with the city by exploring as much as you can. While we are happy to be your custom house builder in Iowa City, we also care about you happiness out side of the home. In Iowa City you will realize the endless diversity, positive citizens, plethora of local businesses available for you to visit.

Whether your personality is on the out-going side or introvert, there is a place for you to fit in with the community somewhere. The residents of Iowa City enjoy helping individuals (new locals and tourists) with experiencing the best the city has to offer. If you have any doubts or nervousness about the city, do not worry, you will be completely fine.

Making Your Dream Home a Reality

With over 30 years of custom house builder in Iowa City experience and double that amount between our owners, we strive to make it our goal to meet and exceed our clients dreams. Purchasing a home is typically the most expensive (financially) and important investment that an individual makes. Since you are spending your hard earned money on this house, we want to ensure that we meet your exact vision.

We have an extensive portfolio of past and current homes that you can review during our consultation. Some of our clients enjoy pre-existing designs, some love mixing and matching designs (when possible), and other clients have a completely new vision. We have an astounding reputation for being a dependable and unique custom house builder Iowa City option. Do not let yourself become restricted to your home. If we run into a concern when designing/building your home, we will definitely inform you before going any further.

Get to Know Your New Community

Before we begin building your home, we want you to become familiar with your new community. Whether you decide to move into the Windsor West neighborhood or Stone Bridge Estates, as your custom house builder in Iowa City, we are positive that you will be welcomed with open arms. Both neighborhoods are build with aesthetically pleasing landscapes. As a resident, you can find solace in your community during your stressful days (personally and/or because of work).

When you become familiar with your new community, these will be the individuals that you can definitely depend on. As a community, it is important to know that everyone is safe and sound in the neighborhood. If you find yourself traveling away from home for an extensive amount of time, do not hesitate to let your neighbors know and see if they can watch over your house.

Explore Downtown Iowa City

Once you become settled into your new home and have taken some time to regain your energy, we highly suggest that you visit the downtown area. There are a variety of shopping stores, entertainment venues, and restaurants that you can enjoy. A short list of the stores/restaurants you will see downtown include AKAR, Active Endeavors, Beadology Iowa, Atlas World Grill, Basta Pizzeria Ristorante, and Englert Theater.

While we are responsible for being your custom house builder in Iowa City, we also want you to be happy outside of your home. We have realized that when our residents are happy overall (in their communities and with the city), they are more likely to stay for the long-term. If you have any questions or concerns about downtown, feel free to inquire our staff about it and our customer service team will try to help to the best of their abilities.


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